LED Cube RGB 8x8x8

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LED Cube RGB 8x8x8 is a development from LED Cube RGB made by Kevin Darrah. You can search for RGB Cube at Kevin Darrah's Youtube channel if you want to see or learn about the original version of this LED Dube RGB 8x8x8.

What I made here is a version with no cables, where all components placed at 3 separated boards which then connected using pin headers. (Photo akan menyusul)

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Source code for this LED Cube RGB 8x8x8 also using Kevin Darrah's code, which modified a little to match the schematic I made here. The source code I used can be downloaded from : https://github.com/paulustanuri/PT019_RGB_Cube_888

How to make

For the making process of this cube, can be watch at :

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